Medical Exercise Therapy (MET)

Medizinische Trainingstherapie (MTT)

If the main cause for the pain is a muscular dysbalance, the Medical Exercise Therapy in our Physiotherapy clinic in Pilar de la Horadada is the right thing to do. Arrange an appointment today.

Many problems and pain develop from a dysbalance between straining and relieving certain parts of our body in our daily life. (sitting a long time in the same position, doing the same movements again and again in work - like painting, tiling, working over head, and more.)

A very important starting point for a long term pain relief is to minimalize this dysbalance.

The patient's own initiative is fundamental. The physiotherapist creates an individual plan for him that is adjusted to the specific problems. Herefor at Physio-Fit we have more than 300 sqm with exercise machines.


MET is beneficial for people of all ages. There is hardly any condition where you would not benefit from a work-out adjusted to your individual needs. Also people with neurologic deseases or children benefit from Medical Exercise Therapy

Examples for Indications are:

  • after operations f.e. hip- or knee- replacements
  • orthopedical problems of the muscoskeletal system
  • injuries after accidents, fractures, etc.
  • neurological diseases
  • balance problems


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