Hypopresive Method

Hypopresive Bauchgymnastik


This method was developed in Europe by the belgian Dr. Marcel Caufriez initially in the physiotherapy for recovery after childbirth. Now it is getting very popular as it has many more benefits for men and women. It is a special kind of exercise to train the interior abdominal muscles. These muscles cannot be trained with conventional abdominal exercises like crunches for example.

A very important factor is how to breath correctly, once this is learned the exercises consist of breathing in different postures. It requires a lot of concentration and practise – the results are phenomenal:

The hipopresive method is suitable for everyone, men and women of all ages. It is importand to have an introduction as it bases on the right breathing which is important to learn at the begining.


These are benefits from hipopresive exercises:

  • A better posture
  • Less back pain especially with disc problems
  • A smaller belly and waist
  • Improvement and preventing of incontinence
  • Prevention of hernias
  • By increasing the blood flow to your pelvis, it improves your sexual function.
  • It speeds up the recovery process after childbirth.
  • It strengthens both abdomen and pelvic floor muscles without causing unwanted strain.
  • It boosts your metabolism causing weight loss.
  • It prevents the sagging of your internal organs.


At Physio-Fit we have hipopresive-classes in english. For further information please do not hesitate to contact us. Tel: 965 35 2680


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